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Aircraft 7X2 *SketchyPhysics*

Aircraft 7X2 *SketchyPhysics*

UPDATED: Completely overhauled aircraft. I changed some things , e.g. the values are dependent to the airspeed and not only to the power. It's not a child's play, but you know beein a real pilot is even more complicated :D And if you do all right from the first time, you'll miss the sweet effects I added ;-) . The controls ARE in the model, press 'I' to show them. You need the activated numpad to play. The handling maybe needs gettin used to (That ones that have some experiences in MS Flight Simulator have an advantage^^). All you have to know is how to turn on the motor, give more or less power, how to rise up or down and how to turn right or left. If you try a few times it should become easyer. Have fun and please rate. ______ some tipps: roll with a throttle about 10%. If you are in the air you can use a lower throttle. Be careful while turning, because the airspeed goes down after a time very quik and then the plane falls out of the sky... To land you need to fly straight to the runway and have an airspeed about 70-80. To see the effects I added just crash into something :D #air #cessna #craft #fst #flug #money #mooney #physics #plane #ply #sketchy #sky #skyhawk #skylan #zeug
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