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Modular Vertical Aquaponics System

Modular Vertical Aquaponics System

Fletcher Hillier
The Shipping Container Greenhouse is made up of these modules, which can built on their own. Fish live in the 200L aquarium on the bottom, sharing the space with duckweed growing on the surface. The two middle shelves are for growing plants, they can either be filled with growing media or water for the raft. The seedlings and anything growing on the top shelf would be best grown in a raft for easy handling. 10 sq.ft. of growing area for plants 100 seedlings 200 L aquarium Produces duckweed to feed fish Can use LED or fluorescent lights Filters the air in your home Produces oxygen, removes CO2 Remote monitor and control with a tablet, computer or smart phone You can turn it into a cabinet, or connect it to more to expand production. Produces 30-50 heads of lettuce per month Open Source, free for any use Available on Sketchup 3D Warehouse Let's build our independence together, redistribute the wealth, and save the environment. Join the project to bring this project to reality. #appliance #aquaponics #business #cabinet #fish #food #free #grow #idea #modular #money #open_source #plant #plants #production #shelf #shipping_container_greenhouse
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