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Sketch of House of Vision

Sketch of House of Vision

In this project, we actually wanted to try to come up with a detailed plan for a sketch of the House of Vision. This sketch will assist us with designing a House of Vision. This building is to establish a user-friendly atmospher where people will be encouraged to come and seek the services needed which would promote a healthier, more acceptable, and better life style. It is understood that there are agencies and/or institutions already established where the proposed services are already offered; but it is a idea of some of Henderson Middle School students to fulfill the proverb that says "If we can't get Mohammed to go to the mountain, then we will bring the mountain to Mohammed." The House of Vision will consist of a satellite office for the Arkansas Department of Health to disseminate information relative to communicalbe diseases, to provide screening and detection of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, and to provide screening, information, and referrals to persons with other forms of sickness and diseases. The House of Vision will also consist of a Job Development and Job Placement Office. This office will allow volunteers as workers to instruct the clients in how to use the internet, television, newspapers, and other available resources to locate jobs that match their skills abilities, and will allow workers to establish a rapport with business owners who will commit to hiring these participants, and it will assist the clients by meeting with them personally and advising them of what their expectations are for employment. The House of Vision will also consist of a Clothes Closet. The clothes will be free of charge to the clients, the clothes are to be worn for the particular job interview, and the clients will receive instruction on the proper dress for the prospective job site. Lastly, the House of Vision will consist of a satellite office for the "Stop the Violence" program. This office will provide a reliable and stable place for the director of this program to counsel with these clients. It will also allow ample space to accomodate other counselors and resource person to work with this program, and finally to have a space that is conducive to the type of counseling necessary for these clients. More than 150 business and/or schools are located within a 15-minute drive of the House of Vision, and thousands of people will have the opportunity to take advantage of the services that will be provided. With the SketchUp program several tools were used: push/pull, move/copy, rotate, erase, orbit, pan, look around, and walk. There was a need to pull from the draw toolbar for major functions to complete the floor plan, such as: rectangle, circle, arc tool, and the freehand pencil. This menu allowed us to select from various tools permitting us to add and position the drawing. We also pulled from the Window Components menu to add details to the inside of the House of Vision. Prior to our final floor plan we had to change and edit several objects in our drawing.
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