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Men in Black
The siku (also sicu, sico) is a musical instrument of the aerophones, typical of South American traditions and made up of a row of canes of different length, open at the top and bottom closed. The rods are held lined with cross stems and lanyards. The performer emits a breath across the upper opening emitting a typical sound, similar to that produced by the wind that creeps between the rocks under certain conditions. It tells a legend that this is what inspired a shepherd to produce similar instruments. These instruments exist in other cultures where they have different names (Pan Flute, Syringe, ...), in Andean music the instrument exists in different versions that differ for the intonation and in all the versions there is a couple of instruments (Ark and Ira) who alternately share the notes of the minor modal scale. Arch and Ira can be played by two performers or one. The versions are named: Toyo, Zanka, Malta, Chuli (each of them has two further versions that differ by the pitch of a fifth) #panpipe
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