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Entry Door 80"x36", 4 Panels, 4 Lite W/ Frame & Hardware (Door Knob & Deadbolt)

Entry Door 80"x36", 4 Panels, 4 Lite W/ Frame & Hardware (Door Knob & Deadbolt)

Ken B.
80"x36", 4 panels, 4 lite entry door complete entry door with frame and hardware. Use the layers window to configure door hardware. Options include: bell or plymouth style door handles, locking or non-locking door knob, double keyed deadbolt or keyed lock and thumb knob deadbolt, door in opened or closed position, and more. To change interior or exterior door colors modify the materials "door - exterior" and/or "door - interior". To change door hardware colors, modify the material "door hardware finish". To reduce overall file size of model this is imported into, delete unneeded layers and associated components. This model is designed to work with other models in my "doors and door hardware" collection in that it shares many sub-components with models in this collection to reduce overall file size of models components from this collection are imported into. This door is based on 1970's vintage doors and door hardware in my home using a little artistic license. #bell_door_knob #deadbolt #door #door_frame #door_knob #door_latch #door_with_window #plymouth_door_knob #two_panel_door
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