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MSX XT8 Bushranger 2.8 CTDi SWB (X821)

MSX XT8 Bushranger 2.8 CTDi SWB (X821)

The 3-door short wheelbase was a popular new addition to the X820 XT8 range. Now the new X821 brings a raft of improvements, including more powerful engines, automatic transmission and diesel hybrid options, a full-time AWD, and an all-new dashboard. The 2.8L turbo-diesel inline 4 used here produces 202hp/151kW and 510Nm. Suspension choices are the same as the X820. There is a choice of double-wishbone IFS or coil-sprung live front axle (fitted here). All SWB models are rear coils only. The mid-range Bushranger offers, 4+1 seating with a front bench seat, cloth trim, alloy wheels, rubber floors, AEB, off-road traction control, 7 airbags, Bluetooth audio, climate control and all-terrain tyres. As a 2.8L CTDi manual It costs AU$55,990, US$31,500, £42,950, €45,650
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