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Brienz parish church

Brienz parish church

Bill DerBloke
This church was a small feature in an alpine lake mural that my parents bought in the 1960's. We had no idea where the photo was taken, or even which country. It has bugged me ever since. When Google started their Streetview project, I decided to try and find the location. Switzerland seemed a good place to start and Lake Thun had similar buildings and mountains. After an hour driving round this lake I tried the next lake to the East, which is still not yet featured on Streetview, but I was sure this was the correct mountain range. Brienz seemed like a good location for the church. I zoomed in and picked one of the many photos submitted. I could not believe it when the photo showed the church that I had viewed since the 1960's. I thought the quest to find this location would take years, and prove fruitless, so finding it in just over an hour was quite a miracle. #Brienz #church #Switzerland
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