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Microfluidic Chip Mold

Microfluidic Chip Mold

Daniel Brastaviceanu
3D printable Mold for PDMS microfluidic chip TEST, for a lab in McGill university, Montreal. Made this model to be 3D printed on our B9 Creator with SubG+ material. All dimensions fall on the 50µm pixel grid of the B9s projector so the smallest feature is a 50µm wide channel. On one side the channels range from 1mm to 05mm and the gap between them -0,1mm every channel. On tthe other side the channels range from 4mm to 0,05mm and their width drops 0,05mm every channel, gap between channels stays at 1mm. On both sides, the hight of channels drops from 0,5mm to 0,07mm, 0,033mm at a time. #3d_printed #B9Creator #chip #microfluidic #mold #PDMS #test
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