QTVR object  Camera Positions Template

QTVR object Camera Positions Template

The object in this model is a spherical reticle for placing objects and adjusting camera angles, it is hidden and does not appear in 3D View. The model file contains 264 camera positions set in 11 rows and 24 columns. this is for people interested in creating an object QTVR output of their su model. INSTRUCTIONS - down load the file, open it, then select show hidden geometry, copy and paste or import your su model into this model. place your model within the hidden geometry sphere. size your model in relation to the sphere, turn off hidden geometry, and then export one frame per scene (camera position). I use scenexporter from smustard to do this (http://www.smustard.com/script/SceneExporter). the exporter will name the files based on the scene names, that can be helpful in the next step. The resulting images then must be arranged in a QTVR editor program like VR works or Object2VR. the QTVR object file can extend the dynamic of a sketchup model by adding a rendered feel to a manipulable virtual space. #Object #Object2VR #QTVR #Renderin #SceneExporter #VR_works
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