McLoughlin House -  Fort Vancouver National Park, Oregon City, Oregon

McLoughlin House - Fort Vancouver National Park, Oregon City, Oregon

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John McLoughlin, known by many as the "Father of Oregon." was chief factor (superintendent) of the British Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) based at Ft. Vancouver on the Columbia River. Dr. McLoughlin crossed the Rockies in 1824 and established Ft. Vancouver in 1825. When American pioneers arrived on the Oregon Trail, they asked McLoughlin for supplies to help them survive their first winter in Oregon. His kindness to them would eventually cost him his job with the HBC. He had purchased HBC's land claim at Willamette Falls (Oregon City), and he and his family moved into his newly-built mansion in 1846 after being forced to retire. He died in this home in 1857. In 1909, it was threatened with demolition, but a group of concerned local citizens formed the McLoughlin Memorial Association to preserve and protect the house and the legacy of Dr. McLoughlin. They moved the house from its original location by the river up to its present location atop the bluff, restored it, and turned the house into a museum. In 1941, the McLoughlin House was designated by Congress as a National Historic Site (the first in the West). It was added to the National Park System in 2003, as a unit of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. #Fort_Vancouver_National_Park #National_Parks_Service #OCTA #Oregon #Oregon_City #Oregon_National_Historic_Trail #Oregon_Trail #pioneers
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