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Zidrii Control Parasite

Zidrii Control Parasite

This is the Parasite found (by Imperial Xenobiologist Kratos Poledorus) attached to the Zidrii Drone and connected to several Zidroids as a biological CPU. The Zidrii Control Parasite Is a sentient being that connect itself to victims on a physical and neurological basis as a means to control others living beings. It monitors the behavior and control of the individual by inflicting varying levels of pain that can force an individual to bend to the will of the Zidrii OmniMind. Zidrii Control Parasites burrow deep into the neurological systems of the hosts with a miryad of filaments that connect to the victim's brain and spinal cord while the outer part of the host grips the skull with a set of long arachnid legs. Even if the Parasite is removed from the victim, there is always larvae in the interior of the host that would grow back quickly.- #Alien #Alien_invasion #Arachnid #galactic_Empire #Insect #Invasion #Parasite #Sci_Fi #SciFi #Science_Fiction #Soldiers #Space #space_soldiers #space_war #Spaceship #War #Zidrii #Zidrii_armada #Zidrii_Empire
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