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EuroCopter EC155

EuroCopter EC155

Firstly I'd like to shoot out credit where due, and thank mandun for the interior as well as the general exterior details on my EC155 because I used his AS365 as a measurements (blueprint) base to construct my own chopper with. ^ ^ However if there is any complaint from mandun regarding my use of his interior work, the passenger seats, floor pan, header, and control input columns, then I'll remove my submission without fuss. =) And with this said, here's a somewhat moderate poly count model of EuroCopter's latest evolution of the Dauphin family of medium weight helicopters, the EC155. The fenestron fan tails are on dedicated layers, with the newer Generation3 fenestron and Legacy fenestrons on their own layer for quick changing of appearance. The landing gear are posable, and are held within a parent jig that is invisible so one can retract the gear for a flying appearance, or leave them down as seen, for a static appearance. Also the rotors are posed with a slight coning to suggest a flight ready appearance. Anyhow hope you folks like my EC155? =) ~Silent update 4_11_12~ Must remember to error check before posting (head desk) Whole bunch of minor issues (that I am aware of)now fixed.. Enjoy the EC155! =D #Aerospatiale #AS365 #AS365_legacy #Chopper #Dauphin #Dolphin #EC155 #EuroCopter #Heli #Helicopter #Rotorcraft
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