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botos andrás
How will people live in 100, 500 , 1000 years? Will our civilisation exist? Will we live on earth? Questions that dont have ONE answer. There are a lot of possible visions. Here I present mine. After earth has been destroyed the remaining people has built a huge ring in space that turns round and round to create artifical gravitaion. Most of the people live in the huge city in terrible living conditions. Only a few, the richest live in the upper town, where there is luxus of all kind. HOW DO YOU IMAGINE THE FUTURE OF MANKIND? WRITE IT IN A COMMENT OR POST A MODEL LIKE ME!!-----------If you like this, check out also VERSION 2:˘˘--- Ive actually done only 1/4 of the circle because my computer was lacking performance and its already struggling to display it now :P #2000 #2500 #3000 #artifical #catastrophy #disaster #dock #earth #future #future_of_mankind #gravitation #gravity #nasa #ring #scifi #space #space_station #universe #vision
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