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Green Bay Olympic Stadium (Packers Setup)

Green Bay Olympic Stadium (Packers Setup)

Joseph G.
Located in Green Bay, WI. It is home to the Green Bay Packers. It's capacity is 90,000 (Superbowl), 78,000 (Packers), and 87,000 (Olympics). Green Bay sent a bid to the IOC for the summer olympiad to be held in Green Bay. In the packers setup, the yellow seats are removable so that the stadium can have multiple layouts. The Green seats are permanent. The press boxes are on the field for all events except baseball. It's biggest crowd was the First Green Bay Music Festival, when it filled the stadium to 100,000 fans. The stadium could host Baseball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Running, and Athletics. I will design the stadium with every layout. This is the "Packers Layout". I will create the "Olympics Layout", "Baseball Layout", and "Soccer Layout". The #green_bay #lambeau_field #olympics #packers #the_frozen_tundra
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