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DWN-∞ Zero Gundam

DWN-∞ Zero Gundam

EDIT: COME ON. Rip pieces off of this all you like but at LEAST give credit! That's all I ask, you don't have to write a letter to me to use this but PLEASE don't freaking parade it around as your own, which is essentially what you do when you DON'T GIVE CREDIT. Megaman + Gundam doesn't seem like a very common theme at all, so I figured I'd take a crack at modeling it. Models from Dynasty Warriors Gundam: Reborn & Gundam VS. Extreme Full Boost used to assist. Hands belong to the incredible Illsteir. Rest is self-made. Would've added a handgun to serve as the buster but couldn't think of a fitting design. PLEASE ASK PERMISSION BEFORE USING. As long as you ask, I likely won't say no! Megaman (C) Capcom Gundam (C) SUNRISE, Bandai Edit: Well, seems like I'm not going to upload anymore of my stuff here. People can't keep their filthy thieving hands off of it, re-uploading my things with no credit to me whatsoever. #bandai #capcom #gundam #man #mega #megaman #mobile #mobilesuit #suit #sunrise #zero
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