New Daleks Emerge!  (Doctor Who Series 5)

New Daleks Emerge! (Doctor Who Series 5)

"OBSERVE DOCTOR, A NEW DALEK PARADIGM!" "THE PROGENITOR HAS FULFILLED OUR NEW DESTINY. BEHOLD! THE RESTORATION OF THE DALEKS- THE RESURRECTION OF THE MASTER RACE!" ****If you wish to use this model or any parts of it in your own project, be it 3D modelling, artwork of any kind, 3D printing, or any form of recreation of the model, please contact me to ask for permission at and give credit to 'calamity_si' when posting the finished product. Thank you**** #dalec #Dalek #Daleks #Doctor_who #new_dalek #new_dalek_paradigm #new_daleks #series_5 #tardis #the_doctor
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