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Sanc Kingdom

Sanc Kingdom

A peaceful place for all man kind. The round building has seven floors, the tallest tower consists of 15 floors, and the last tower consists of 11 floors. Not the tallest, but functional. The back of the tallest tower has balconies for patrons of the hotel. The second tallest building is used for rooms. While the tallest is mixed use. From the 6th floor up is hotel rooms, floors 1-5 have a movie theater, and a restaurant. Round building is the reception area, lobby with art from all over the world and a cafe/ sports bar. The oddly shaped building attached to the lobby feature a world class restaurant. To the west is our amphitheatre with seating for 1200 people. The two pools of water are our man made lakes, one for water sports, the other for more leisurely activities. with a rental shack by one of the lakes. To the east is our heliport, and behind that, an athletics field. #family_center #Hotels
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