Real rock scanned (rock060) then mesh reduced to 1000 faces. The model is derived from a natural rock so its shape will have a natural look when scaled to any size. The original rock is a piece of basalt from Bombo quarry near Sydney. The model is textured with a photo of the surface of a piece of quarried basalt. To find other models with basalt texture search for "BasTex" or to find models with the same texture search for "ArmBas08". We are using these models to test our Rocksolver software which solves the jigsaw puzzle of building with irregular-shaped blocks of unprocessed rock. See website link below (or visit my blog: for more information about Rocksolver. Model produced by Malcolm Lambert at Intresto. #ArmBas08 #basalt #BasTex #boulder #Intresto #landscape #Malcolm_Lambert #rock #Rocksolver #stone
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