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Fountain Place

Fountain Place

second Hi-Def model in a new mini series thing. no, youre not watching the discovery channel! :)* Fountin place is located on Downtowns west side way out, making it a standalone tower, the rest of the city serving as a backdrop. Obviosly its most unique feuture is, well everything. Desighned by I.M. Pei and partners, 60 stories and topped out in 1986. It is haped as a prism and "Never looks the same from any 2 angles", its solid glass facade reflects the sky and clouds and provids and stunning thing to look at, the building almost seems to be in perpetual motion. It is quite possibly one of the worlds largest habibitable artforms. It is tall to, infact it currently stands at big D's fith tallest at 219M. Its base is surrounded by towering cyprus trees and over 200 fountins and arttificail fountins providing a romantic atmosphere. Originally the plans were to build a second tower across the street, rotated at 90 degrees. However this twin was cancelled during the economic struggles of the 80's. #Dallas #Fountain #Fountain_Place #IM_Pei #Pei #Place #Skyscraper
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