Station  Marrum-Westernijkerk

Station Marrum-Westernijkerk

Jan Hendrik Fennema
Station Marrum-Westernijkerk is a former railway station in Marrum and Wester Nijkerk . The stop was on the railway Leeuwarden -Dokkum ( Dokkumer lokaaltje ) of NFLS . The stop, with the abbreviation Mrm, opened on April 22 1901 and was shut down on December 1st 1940. The station building still exists. It was in 2003 fully restored in order by the municipality Ferwerderadeel, while the exterior is restored to its original Art Nouveau style . The restoration was funded by the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund . This station was built at the station design with the name Default Type NFLS , which was mainly used for various stations in Friesland . The station in Marrum-Westernijkerk fell within the type NFLS second class. #1901 #building #friesland #Marrum #nederland #netherland #railway #Station #Westernijkerk
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