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Driving Simulator Contest

Driving Simulator Contest

This is a contest to see who can create a low poly car that can race around the track in under 3000 frames. The person with the fastest tine wins! I will be working on a trophy starting now. In order to enter you must rate! Then make your finished product searchable under "frog14". This includes an example car that does the track under 3000 frames. It is a Nissan GTR. I don't know who the origional maker of the model is but if you do please give them credit. It also has a static camera. And the track is one thet I made up, it is called Cordeda Speedway. It has a pit stop! But no pit workers. Contest Deadline is December 13! Have fun! #Contest #course #GTR #Nissan #proto #racing #realistic #Sketchyphysics #track
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