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UNSC Mamaragan

UNSC Mamaragan

My original goal was to make the Halowars ship ''Spirit of Fire'' But since there was only 1 picture available from 1 angle, I soon decided to give it a twist on the looks, and since it wouldn't look the same as the original I decided to rename it as well. This is still a work in progress, but due to the maximum of 10 mb per file I had to delete a lot of textures, and even more on the interior (bridge, spaceports, bar etc.) to upload this copy. The link directs to a early test render with basic textures. The model was rendered with kerkythea ( ***Little update August 6, In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Mamaragan is a lightning god who speaks with thunder as his voice.. My original model that contained quite some interiors, like the bridge I had to cut a lot of it to stay under the 10 mb quota, I only ''finished'' one side to make a it look good on the render, but the ship is far from finished or perfect. But unfortunately I had a computer crash and lost all my previous models, always make backups, or upload works in progress models. Maybe one day I will try to finish this one. #Cruiser #Gold_Fuzzy_Things #Halo #Halowars #Ship #Space #Spirit_of_Fire #UNSC
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