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Pig Throws Biplane Pilot out of Biplane!

Pig Throws Biplane Pilot out of Biplane!

I'd say that this would break the world record for the funniest, most unusual, and most crazy thing someone has ever made on a 3D Modeling program. Do you agree!? You might be thinking how the hell this happened. Well, it all started when the dumbass pig climbed on board before takeoff and hid in the storage compartment! Mid-flight, the pig jumped out and took the pilot's goggles off, in doing so, he also threw the pilot out of the plane! The pig put the goggles on his head and flew the plane for some distance, before noticing the pilot hanging on to the wing for dear life. Infuriated by this, the pilot crawled towards the pig. (*time lapse*) 1 minute later, the pilot reached the cockpit and took control of the biplane. The pilot pushed the pig out of the way to gain full control of the aircraft. The pig fought back by kicking the pilot in the face! The pilot reacted by picking up the pig and throwing him out of the plane, but just as the pilot thought it was all over, the pig grabbed onto the wing and held on. The pilot was distracted and bumped the controls hardly, which made the plane spiral out of control, and crash into a lake. They both survive the incident. (1 MB) (credit) #animal #biplane #crazy #pig #pilot #unusual #weird #WTF
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