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attack on grenata Delta

attack on grenata Delta

after the ogian base on templus1 was destroyed they retreated to an unknown area. intill recently, there was no idea where the ogians and pirates had gone, but then, a stray transmision was picked up by a MARODER DI-1 flying near a planet calle Grenata Delta. on the radio it sounded just like static transmitting from the planet, but other than some stray GPC command posts, there was no civilization on the planet. the ship requested permision to survey the landscape, and sure enough there were many small camps harbouring ogian and gpc built weapons. now the EPD has sent in troops and suplies and asks all its allies to help get rid of the pirates and ogians of the GPC controled planet. #bamboo #defense #earth #epd #paradox #planetary #rainforest #river #tanks
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