Air France Boeing 777-200ER
Finally, A 1997 Air France Boeing 777-200ER. It Also Has A Cockpit. The Aircraft Has A Three-Class Configuration And is Registered: F-GSPO. With Two General Electric GE90-94B Jet Engines. Credits: Air France Boeing 777-200ER And Interiors From -Nix15-, Omega For The Cockpit, And Last But Not Least, JGB For The General Electric GE90-94B Jet Engines And B.J. For The General Electric GE90-94B Fan Blades. After All That! (Whew, its tiring talking alot!) (My 100th Model!) So Please, Dont Hesitate To Rate My Models. Apprecier! #Air_France #Boeing #Boeing_777200ER #Euro_White_Livery #White
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