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Maui High Performance Computing Center

Maui High Performance Computing Center

The Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC) is an Air Force Research Laboratory Center managed by the University of Hawaii. MHPCC is an Allocated Distributed Center of the Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program, providing more than 20,000,000 hours of computing time per year to the research, science, and warfighter communities. MHPCC's terascale, High Performance Computing resources showcase a wide range of technologies, which include a Cray XD1 with AMD OpteronTM processors, IBM Power4 configurations, large Linux clusters, and a new cluster, made up of 1,280 Dell PowerEdgeTM 1955 blade servers with dual-core processors. MHPCC is a national resource chartered to support a diverse base of DoD and other government users, facilitating the collaborations needed to solve today's complex computational problems.
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