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Beach/Pier Maze

Beach/Pier Maze

This is the ultamate maze! It has three mazes. 1) An elevation maze (Full credit goes to BTM for the elevator at the beginning) that will have you going up and down. 2) Some bum on the beach wanted to confuse everyone from getting to their car at the pier, so he set down a small labyrinth. 3) We have a small easy maze, (Full credit goes to Jonhead for the biohazard sign) with a pier going over a biohazardest area. Be careful not to fall. All of these mazes have NO DEAD ENDS! So enjoy the party! ETD (Estimated time done): 10-15 minutes without ariel overview, 5-10 minutes with ariel view, 2 minutes with the "Alt" key. #Beach #Biohazard #BTM #Car #dead_fall #elevation #elevator #helecopter #Jonhead #Labyrinth #Maze #party #Pier #rusted_stands_on_the_ocean #sand_castle #truck
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