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Cubby House and Slide with Sides

Cubby House and Slide with Sides

Cubby house with our classic slide design. Disclaimer: These plans are designed to be used in conjunction with the step by step text instructions of this model that can be found here: The intended use of the designs available on these plans and the website, is to provide ideas for the construction of playground equipment from local and/or recycled materials. They may, or may not, be suitable for your purposes. Further, specialised knowledge may be required to construct safe playground equipment based on these designs—for example, engineering knowledge to allow selection of appropriate strength materials for the purposes to which those materials are put, or playground layout expertise to avoid layouts which might cause risk of injury to users. The use of local and/or recycled materials carries inherent risks. Before using recycled materials in playground construction you should consider the source and properties of the materials (strength, contaminants, splintering risk, etc) and whether they are fit for use in a playground. Improper construction and use of playground equipment may cause death or injury. Further information, terms and conditions can be found at #children #cubby #house #Ideas #Playground #slide
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