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Split Level Home Frame With Underground Fallout Shelter

Split Level Home Frame With Underground Fallout Shelter

Dannie R Jackson
This model depicts my smaller bunker / fallout shelter design attached to the basement of one of my Split Level solarized home designs. The ground level, roofs and siding are not shown so that you can look around the model. In the back is a building for housing deep cycle batteries and the inverter hardware as well as other electrical equipment that one may need to manage their solar and wind derived power. Another smaller building in the back of the house is shown without the roof to show the air filters that are a part of the heat recover ventilator system in the fallout shelter. You can look at the split level home files in the collection seen inside this collection. or use this link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/collection/446b6101-49b1-41c7-9bf6-50b6ae148e13/Split-Level-Solarized-Home #bunker #Fallout_Shelter #Renewable_Energy #sustainable_design #split_level_home #underground_fallout_shelter
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