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"Emder Kaap" Rottumeroog

"Emder Kaap" Rottumeroog

Jan Hendrik Fennema
The ‘Emder Cape’ or ‘the Cape’ on the island Rottumeroog is an iron seabeacon and in that function as a prominent landmark a beacon for sailors. The Emder Cape is 21.5 meters high. There were two cast iron beacons on the island successors of the wooden beacons that had to be renewed every twenty to thirty years. They are there to guid shipping traffic to and from Emden. In 1837 again the wooden beacons on the island had to be replaced. However, this was not without a struggle. They were namely Groningen territory and there was a permit to be requested. That license was first refused, after consultation, it was decided that the small cape (4 rings) would be maintained by the Province of Groningen and the other by the city of Emden. In 1883, the cast iron cape was built. He was designed by Quirinus Harder and AC Lo, #Kaap #nederland #netherland #Q_Harder #rottumeroog
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