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Laptop Computer Stand

Laptop Computer Stand

Stand for using laptop computer while seated on a sofa or in an easy chair with the computer right in front of and close to you. This is the second such design I have made and it is an improvement on the earlier one with (presumeably) more stability. I haven't built either one yet, however; but this is the one I will build and I'll see how well it does. It's important that it doesn't wobble, and it might also be necessary to attach (by gluing or other method) felt pads so it won't scratch a hardwood floor. If used on a carpet, you might want to shorten the legs a bit and attach rollers; but that might require adding support for them at the bottom. #computer #computer_desk #laptop #laptop_computer_stand #laptop_stand #notebook #notebook_computer_stand #portable_desk #stand #wood_computer_stand #wood_laptop_stand
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