Victorian Terrace House -  Small 2 bed (Bristol)

Victorian Terrace House - Small 2 bed (Bristol)

Koala E.
My first sketchup model of my house, with the current layout - probably as it was when built more than 100 years ago. Most elements are separate components, and different areas are kept separate on layers, allowing easy adjustment of visibility. Might be a useful starting point for someone trying to figure out how to organise their own initial sketchup model of their own house. My previous attempt was before I discovered how important components were & when I didnt realise that 'Layers' in Sketchup were just for controlling visibilty (I was treating them more how they are used in Adobe Photoshop - which confused me immensely!) I built this as a learning excercise and to allow me to adjust and visualise the internal space within my own property prior to a renovation and possible adjustment of walls/rooms. The house was built in 1890 & is of a solid walled brick construction with lime mortar coloured black from the ash that was added - probably from local blast furnaces. The front facade has various oolitic limestone (aka. Bath stone) mullions, lintels & detailing including a bay window to the front room. There is an original two storey 'annexe' at the back, which has a lower roof height (there is no loft space in this section) with the kitchen and a bedroom above that has later been converted to a bathroom. There is a lean-to at the rear which contains the outside toilet (the original outside door has been blocked up & the original owners made it accessible from the kitchen) There are extensive damp problems in the house which seems to be common in the area - see more on my blog below. Lounge 13'2 x 11'7" (354cm x 340cm excl bay) Dining room 12'3" x 9'7" (366cm x 290cm) Kitchen 9'3" x 6'8" (284cm x 240cm) Bathroom 9'7" x 7'11" Middle bedroom 9'8" x 12'6" Front bedroom 15'1" x 10'11" #city #terrace #terraced_house #victorian #1890 #Bristol #Easton #Anstey_Street
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