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P60 Adapter to standard tetrix mount

P60 Adapter to standard tetrix mount

Blair RoboBears 2016-2017
For our ball shooter, we decide to use FRC Banebot 4:1 gearboxes instead of using the gear setup we had previously. We chose this option becase it saves us a lot of space, it spins the wheels 10 times faster than the normal motor, comared to 9 times faster with our previous model. It also will save out batteries a lot of power because the gear setup we had before created a lot of friction, and therefor would even spin slower than 9 times faster. The only problem we had with this is that the wheels we wanted to use dont fit onto the axle. We made an axle adapter to go from the p60 axle to a standard tetrix connecter so we could attach the wheels to the motor. We are curently using versions made out of plastic but are looing into getting them made out of aluminum or steel, possibly 3D printed but maybe machined
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