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Velocity XL-RG

Velocity XL-RG

This is the Velocity XL-RG (retractable-gear) model homebuilt kitplane. Based on a construction composed of foam, fiberglass and carbon fiber composites, the airframe is capable of withstanding forces on-par with some military jet fighters! Cruising speed is about 200 knots, with an operational ceiling of about 20,000 feet, (a pressurized cabin is possible with optional build components. For details on this aircraft, see I'm using this model as a springboard for the development of some mods for testing in MS Flight Simulator 2004. This is the planned "SkyFox" color and logo scheme. "Tails" image copyright Sega. Tires, interior seats and pilot controls components were obtained from 3D Warehouse via SketchUp. All other components and designs are my own. UPDATE -- Model is "componentized" by layers. Layers are included for gear down or up, and for prop stopped or spinning. Next update will cover the doors and underbody air brake panel. #aircraft #fiberglass #homebuilt #kiplane #SkyFox #Velocity #XL
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