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Pheonix Dalek Space Control

Pheonix Dalek Space Control

The ultimate space station of the Pheonix Daleks. This is where the Dalek Supreme is based with the Elite Pheonix Squad. Also this is where the first Void Ship was created and where the Cult of Skaro was created. The station was kept secret for 91 years until the original Pheonix Dalek Base was destroyed by the cybermen. This station channels all communications in the Pheonix Army and controld all of the Attack Stations in the Universe. There are 120 laser cannons with cloaking devices located all around the station and an Ultra Laser that can destroy a moderate size planet in minutes. There is only one hangar but it is so large that it need two super lasers either side to protect it from enemy assault. The large grey part of the station is the battle preparation. All of the ships and stations are stored and built here. The hangar can hold approxiamately 1000 ships and 750 attack stations. The main work area is the big dome where all of the communications are monitored and where all of the Daleks are based and created. On the top of the dome is the sheild generator which is 120 times stronger than an attack station. on the bottom of the station is where all of the weapons and defences are monitored. the big blue section is the Ultra Laser. The small dome on the bottom is the second sheild generator which provides the cloaking device for the Station and all of the other cannons. #dalek #daleks #doctor #doctor_who #houses #planet #space #star #star_wars #station #wars #who
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