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Sky City: The City In The Sky

Sky City: The City In The Sky

This is Sky City, a Japenesse project that will be 4.5 miles high, and may possible hold the entire population of Tokyo. It was design house, make jobs, and other things such as recreationial centers, under one single roof. Sky City can survive earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and much more. The structure under This humungous building is the Foundation. The counstruction workers will build large concret "rods" underground, and covered with a layer of concret. This special design will use Sky City's weight, as it's on foundarion. There are many more interesting things about Sky City, besides that fact it can hold over 100,000 poeple! To learn more about this interesting topic, search Sky City on If you have some ideas for modles I can make for you, comment me or send me an email at I will be more than happy if you want me to include your name if you want! P.S. I dont make guns anymore,sorry.
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