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Ancient Knossos

Ancient Knossos

This is the reconstruction of a relatively small but famous part of the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos, the original labyrinth, on the island of Crete. Next to the big staircase is the anteroom leading to the throne room, which was probably used for religious ceremonies, perhaps involving the appearance from the back rooms of a woman portraying the snake goddess. The ceilings in the model are transparent from above, but normal-appearing from below. Walls extend above the ceilings and are quite thick to support the second story, which I may get to eventually. I hope you enjoy looking around, but be careful! You never know what might be lurking under the stairs. #ancient_building #archaeology #archeology #Crete #King_Minos #Knossos #labyrinth #maze #Minoan_civilization #palace #reconstruction
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