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ODST Spartan

ODST Spartan

Chris L.
***NOT A RIP!*** Another high poly helmet. I had to go under multiple revisioins from the last helmet. I got very close with the visor and vents on the side along with the neck (which im still somewhat working on because i made it a little big) until i closley observed the ODST helmet in Halo 3 ODST. I also looked at mutliple concepts so i could get those basic parts much closer. The visor area was a very big challenge. I had to make it symetrical, that was the only way i could get it to properly work. My next stop will be HAYABUSA I already have the back portion done in Autodesk 3DS Max. I hope to have that helmet on here by the weekend. (if you use this model...GIVE ME CREDIT!!!) *please rate*------ yeayea i know... the helmets friken huge xD
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