Heliport building, P9, with helicopter -  Karolinska Institutet

Heliport building, P9, with helicopter - Karolinska Institutet

Stefan L.
This building is located north of Stockholm, Sweden, at Karolinska University Hospital. On the roof there is a 38 meter (125 feet) in diameter helipad which was built in 1995. The helicopter does not disturb the researchers and doctors working in the building when it lands and takes off. Adjacent to the building there is a ramp for transporting patients from the helicopter to the rest of the hospital. At the second floor the Division of Medical Radiation Physics is located, since 1997. The department is more affiliated with Karolinska Institutet then with Karolinska University Hospital still located at the heart of the hospital though. Medical radiation physics is an interdisciplinary science where the effects of ionising radiation in matter, espcecially living tissues, are studied. Ionising radiation can be emitted by radioactive decay or technical devices such as x-ray tubes and particle accelerators. The two main fields of study are Diagnostic radiology and Radiation therapy. The research at our department is performed within both fields, but the main direction of research is radiation therapy. Model made by Stefan Larsson, larstefan@gmail.com #hospital #karolinska #karolinska_institutet #karolinska_sjukhuset #ki #Medical_radiation_physics #medicinsk_strålningsfysik #msf #sjukhus #solna #stockholm #sverige #sweden #university_hospital
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