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Modern Medium-Sized Canarian House V2 {336Kb}

Modern Medium-Sized Canarian House V2 {336Kb}

A rather not typical house:3 ! These houses will be uploaded in multiple versions, including open-glass roof designs. This is a medium-priced version :D ! Please rate and comment, and don’t forget to tell me what you think about the model! I put a lot of effort in all my models, and although the open-glass roof seems easy enough to make [as-well as balcony], I spent a lot of time perfecting those little itty-bitty-tiny-little details throughout the model that you may or may not notice. Depends on how good your eyesight is :P ! Ok anyway, this model is multi-version so don’t expect it to be collection-less. LOL ENOUGH TALK BAI! BTW can we get 500 downloads just for the word LOLOGORGUE? GRATZ :P ! Thanx to SketchUp for the window, door, fence, and door handle components. Copyright © 2014 Maxim Kraft. #Balcony #Canarian #Doors #Dwelling #Glass #Good #House #LOL #LOLOGORGUE #Medium #Modern #New #Open #Roof #Sized #Two #Typical #Version #Windows #XD
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