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Oudenoord 700

Oudenoord 700

Oudenoord 700 is the newly renovated building of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. It houses the Faculty of Nature and Technology, except the Institute for Built Environment, which is located in the Nijenoord 1 building. This building has been modeled using actual and genuine construction drawings from the site. Please note: The Google Earth images are not updated yet with the newly built building. A live webcam feed can be found, pictures of the building can be found in the link posted below, under the Oudenoord 700 title. This model has been created by our team member: Wouter Goedhart. #Faculteit_Natuur_en_Techniek #Geodesie #Geodetics #Hogeschool_Utrecht #Netherlands #Oudenoord_700 #Utrecht #Wouter_Goedhart
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