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Star Wars - Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter

Star Wars - Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter

The Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter is a spaceship from the Expanded Star Wars Universe and first appeared in the Timothy Zhan novel “The Last Command,” the last book in his now “non-canon” Heir to the Empire trilogy. In the book, a modified version of the ship was by Luke Skywalker to hide his X-Wing fighter. Since the book, the ship has continued to appear in a number of Star Wars publications such as the West End Games, Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Flight Star Wars Role-Playing Games, as well as other published writings. The ship has a pair of engines mounted on the front and angled to the sides giving the craft a resemblance to a “sea turtle,” a design that has been both beloved and mocked by Star Wars fans. Ghtroc Industries was a struggling manufacturer of transport ships in the outer rim that tried their best to compete with the popularity of Correllian Engineering’s transports, specifically the YT-1300. With their 720-series Ghtroc offered a ship with a unique forward-mounted engine design that made the craft more maneuverable than the standard 1300, and freed up aft space that made it capable of hauling a 1/3rd more cargo then the 1300-series of the same size. It also came standard with a shield projector and a pair of laser cannons that were fixed in a forward arc position. Despite these incentives the 720 failed to outperform the YT-1300 in popularity and sales and the company quietly declared bankruptcy. Thousands of 720s were sold however, and have found a niche loyalty among many outer rim smugglers who admire the ship’s performance and the fact that parts are still widely available. The Ghtroc 720 is ©1993 Banta Spectra Publications and used under license of Lucasfilm a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company. This 3d model was created as fan art which is ©2017 Jay Thurman.
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