Well I think it's the best house that I made so far! It's really great I saw a great house with heavy molding on and modified and transformed a lot of it into this. I want this to be my dream house just because of the backyard. It has a table so I can grill, there's a grill, a fridge, a tv, 4 loungers, a table, and a tree house in the back and still plenty of room in the backyard I really like the scenery. Like the flower bed of shrubs and flowers that i got from google I think i really outdone myself with the house too it was kind of hard bcz i used a new tactic on the roof i had never used before and it turned out great. It's a 3story i think maybe 4 if there was a basement. A front porch a back gazebo double garage doors plenty of windows and lots of brick accents and details on one side of the house I dun know how to get the sketchyphysics thing off my model so i just uploaded it like so. the file size is pretty big it's 2mb but i tried to use low poly things and it just wouldnt tie in with the house so i found these flowers from google a lil bit high in size but great looking. Well I'll say it's a pretty big suburban house that i would like to have one like this someday. Im not big on interiors so.. i didnt make one. but it's still great rate and comment and plz download for full view #backyard #big #dream_house #great #home #house #huge #large #large_house #my #scenery #scotchtape #sports #suburban
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