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Royal Park- Edmonton Royals

Royal Park- Edmonton Royals

Jack M
For the canadian premier league comp. The total capacity is 30,400 of which 16,100 is the Canada Air Stand (Edmonton FC one). There are 9900 seats in the lower tier and 6200 in the upper tier. The main stand holds 6,300 (3400 in the upper tier, 2900 in the lower) and the Tyler Davidson end holds 8000. The away allocation is 2,400 (left quater) of the TD stand, you can see the segrigation to the left of the picture. If demand requires it, they can be given another 1600 mseats and the seggrigation can be moved. If no seggrigation is required, they can be given a section or two of the CA stand lower tier. The chairman has plans to build a new media centre behind the Main stand and he wants to connect all the corners with a pitch-overlooking resastraunt between the TD and Main stand. They may also develop a new club shop between the Canadian Air end and the railway 100m away. New plans hav been put forward on top of that to build a shopping mall and an apartment block behind the CA side in the 400m strip between the ground and the canal that a public park and car park now occupies. More models soon, please rate & review. For UDFNY Competition. #30000 #30400 #bar #Canada_Air #Canadian_Air #edmonton #Edmonton_Royals #gate #multistorey #royal #Royal_Park #royals #Society #turnstile
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