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Hot Horse, Ljubljana, Tivoli

Hot Horse, Ljubljana, Tivoli

Hot-Horse is the only Slovenian chain of healthy fast food that has proved success of its business concept with more than a decade and a half of popularity and strong position in the market. The company Hot-Horse was formed in 1990 from the idea of healthy fast food, which at that time hasn't been present in Slovenia yet, but also in the world the awareness of the importance of a healthy diet was only in its infancy. We wanted to offer new, tasty and high quality product with high nutritional value that would also be affordable and fresh practically 24 hours a day. In 1995 we opened first still active kiosk in Ljubljana, park Tivoli, which soon popularized horse meat fast food. Hot-Horse brand has become a concept of quality horse meat burger. #burger #food #geosplet #hot_horse #in3dview #ljubljana #map #restaurant #slovenia #tivoli #tourism #travel #zemljevid
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