Dunbar  Friedmann  and Knauss Halls

Dunbar Friedmann and Knauss Halls

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Robert Friedmann Hall was built in 1971 after Dr. Friedman a noted historian in the Department of History. Friedmann is home to classrooms and offices for the Economics Department History Department advising for Arts and Sciences and art exhibits. The building has seven floors and approx. 97 190 sq. feet. Willis Dunbar Hall was also built in 1971 dedicated to Dr. Dunbar Chair of the Department of History. Dunbar houses classrooms for the English Department Foreign Language Department and multi-media studios for the Office of Information Technology. The building has six floors and approx. 78 170 sq. feet. Knauss Hall also built in 1971 is dedicated to Dr. James O. Knauss Head of the Division of Social Sciences. Knauss is home to lecture halls for many social sciences and language classes. The building has three floors and approximately 25 925 sq. feet. These buildings are apart of the Instructional Facility Complex%93%94 built to improve the learning environment for Westerns nearly 27 000 students. Model by J. Eichstaedt.
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