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Delapre Abbey, (white walls)

Delapre Abbey, (white walls)

Collin W.
Delapre Abbey, Northampton. Main building and ground levels This file is a gestimate of the buildings dimensions working from personal external measurements and floor plans. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This file was created as part of an assignment for THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON, Architectural Technology, and will be used by the students there. ANY STUDENT use of this model MUST clearly labeled in you work as failure to do so may result in plagiarism. Students MAY have other rules emplaced upon them by lectures. This file is the property of the user collin19899 AKA Collin Williamson. This file maybe used freely for NON-PROFIT means. This file must not be re-distributed except for the use of ONE external face for reference. ANY CORPRIT use (where some one is paid to do a job) is prohibited and violation of this will result in a breach of copyright. With thanks to Darren Edmonds Lauren Jepson Katie Mitchell Deborah Tanner #abbey #architectural_technology #delapre #delapre_abbey #northampton #northampton_uni
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