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Shogun  Nodachi Suzumushi (1991-1998)

Shogun Nodachi Suzumushi (1991-1998)

Another Car Maker
The Shogun Nodachi Suzumushi was a coupe sold in Japan. In America it was known as Shogun Auror and there were some differences between American and Japanese version. The design of the Nodachi Suzumushi has been studied and modified from the original platform only for the japanese public. The Shogun Nodachi Suzumushi was a modern version of the well-known Nodachi. The Nodachi Suzumushi was powered by a 2.8L L4 DOHC, 260hp and a top speed of 270,3 km/h, coupled to a 5-speed automatic gearbox system in a RWD layout. There was another motorization avalaible that included a 2.8L V6 ARTA with 280hp and a top speed of 306,4 km/h, coupled to a 6-speed automatic gearbox system in a RWD layout. In the 1995 the Nodachi Suzumushi shared the same exterior with the Auror, the american sister. In the 1997 the price dropped drastically because young people were no longer interested in coupes. The Nodachi Suzumushi in the 1998 has been cancelled and the concept of the second generation never saw the light. #90s #automobile #car #carro #classic #coupe #japan #Nodachi #Shogun #sport_car #Suzumushi #voiture
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