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Fully automatic gun prototype

Fully automatic gun prototype

Prince T.
This is showing i will soon make a gun of my own design. Since sketchyphysics cannot simulate a true gun, i will have a pinwheel spinning very fast and bullets dropped onto it and it will launch them very hard at the giant rectangular prism. I will put it inside a gun cover and it will then be complete. One problem though, you can't upload sketchyphysics. It just doesn't work. The grouping ruins it, but then again it shows that i am working on it. Allright forget about the prototyping, here's the real one, I updated it. But it still won't work even if you have sketchyphysics. The pinwheel is now hidden. 2nd update that i didnt upload: i hid the bullets so it looks supressed/silenced. To Mr.K: I think it might work for some people, also do you want to see the update? #m4a1
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