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Perkin & Elmer Telescope

Perkin & Elmer Telescope

Bruno Castilho
Pico dos Dias observatory - Perkin & Elmer telescope - 160cm Actual telescope building. You can find the fullObservatory, placed in Google Earth at: ------------------------ The Pico dos Dias Observatory (OPD) is the main optical observational facility in Brasil. It was opened for the scientific community in 1981 and has 4 telescopes and offers a large range of astronomical instruments. OPD is operated and maintained by the Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica, an unit of Brazilian Ministry of Science. It is located at Brazopolis, Minas gerais, brazil. At coordinates: Longitude : +45° 34' 57" Latitude : -22° 32' 04" and at an altitude of 1860m above sea level. Telescopes: - 1,60m Perkin & Elmer telescope: spectroscopy, photometry and images in the optical and infra-red - 0,60m Boller & Chivens telescope: photometry, image, low resolution spectroscopy - 0,60m Zeiss telescope: photometry and image - 0,40m Meade Telescope: is being prepared for robotic operation for surveys More information can be found in the LNA and OPD home pages. #astronomia #astronomy #brasil #Bruno_Castilho #bvcastilho #cupula #dome #laboratorio #lna #minasgerais #observatorio #observatory #pico_dos_dias #telescope #telescopio #zeiss
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